International Council of Creators of Graphic, Plastic and Photographic Arts
Conseil International des Créateurs des Arts Graphiques, Plastiques et Photographiques
Consejo Internacional de Creadores de Artes Gráficas, Plásticas y Fotográficas


CIAGP brings together creators in the field of visual and plastic arts from around the world. The organisation serves as a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, best practices, experiences and practical advice on the administration of visual authors’ rights. It includes tools and activities aimed at promoting the moral, professional, economic and legal interests of visual authors.

Our executive committee comprises the following members:

  • Hervé di Rosa (France), President
  • Werner Stauffacher (Switzerland), Rapporteur général
  • Javier Gutierrez Vicen (Spain), President of European Visual Artists (EVA)
  • Marie Anne Ferry Fall (France), Vice President of EVA
  • Urban Pappi (Germany), President of OnLineArt (OLA)


“Graphic, plastic and photographic creators rely on the sound protection and effective management of copyright to protect their moral and economic interests”

-­Hervé di Rosa, CIAGP President

Our Work

CIAGP plays a key roll in promoting and protecting the rights of artists as the use of their work becomes broader and more diverse. The council draw together creators from the field of visual and plastic arts, art photographers as well as officials and lawyers from their societies. All matters relating to their profession and their interests are discussed during CIAGP meetings which are chaired by its president, French artist Hervé di Rosa.

Among the items on the agenda, the issue of international cooperation, particularly in the use of works on the internet, occupies a crucial place. In this respect the creation of ONLINEART (a one-stop-shop which offers world wide licenses on works of 40,000 artists for online users) is a crucial response to market demands for multi-territorial licences.

More traditional uses of art (such as reproductions of copyrighted works on paper) are also part of the CIAGP’s work. The aim is to improve collaboration with management companies to address rights in a simple and effective way that respects the moral right of artists.

Recent Activities

As well as monitoring the legislative activities of the European Commission, CIAGP has been supporting the creation of artists’ societies in Latin America and Asia. Other recent areas of focus have included:

Multi-Territorial Licensing

Protecting artists’ rights when
usage extends across borders

Artists’ Resale Right

Royalties paid to artists from the resale profit of their work

Reproduction Rights

Royalties regarding the right to copy printed material

Image Banks

Collections of images held in electronic format for sale

On-Demand Rights

Creators’ rights within low volume print-on-demand publishing

Private Copy Rights

Royalties from the small levy placed upon recordable media

Transmission Rights

Royalties regarding the use of work in cable or satellite transmission

Orphan Works

Where rightsholders are positively indeterminate or uncontactable

Upcoming Events and Campaigns

Challenges still exist for artist all over the world and especially in the developing visual arts markets of China, Africa and India. Ensuring that these integrate into the global system of rights management and protect the interests of the creators is a crucial task.

CIAGP is also working to include a worldwide resale right in the Berne Convention and to protect the private copy levy in the national copyright laws around the world.

Our Members

CIAGP represents visual artists at the national, regional and international level. Our council includes creators and experts (both executives and technicians) from all over the world including:

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